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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Do you rent or own??

Currently I am renting. After 13 years after owning my own home it was time for me to move. So I did. Renting is very different from owning for me. I love to do projects and improvements and gardening, so being in a house where I really can't do much of that is difficult for me.
So until I own again, friends and family are benefiting from my willingness to work in house and garden.
This morning I was in one of those benefit gardens, fertilizing and spraying oils and soaps for organic bug control at 6:45am, talking to the newly panted trees and roses... I had fun. My name is The Bug Whisperer. Fire ants fear me, Japanese beetles bug out, and fungi flee when they see me coming with my ghost-buster-like backpack sprayer. And the plants are looking and doing beautifully!

After that I came home and looked at the grass at my rented house. And sighed. Time to mow. Sigh again.  Don't get me wrong, I do take care of my temporary home, but I don't really put the effort into it that I would if I owned it. Grass is mowed, but not as carefully fertilized as it could be. Plants are watered, but not treated with materials that would make them stronger, healthier. As long as everything is not dying, its ok.

Then it dawned on me. That's how many of us treat our bodies, as if we're renting. Yeah, we do the basics to keep us alive, but we may not address deficiencies or do things to boost our health, prevent sickness. We're human, we're busy, we got lives, faster is better. And as long as we're not sick, we must be doing ok. Are we... REALLY?

So... do you rent or own? Just think about it.

Dr. Marie

1 comment:

  1. I'm sure your friends and family are VERY grateful !!!!! :)

    GOOD insight Doctor. Thanks for making me think !