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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hello, my name is Marie and I'm a...

Pharmacorexia - hello, my name is Marie and I am a Pharmacorexic.
Yes, I have no desire to take pharmaceuticals for this and that. Call me crazy (see yesterday's blog!) - but taking a pill for Symptom X only to get another Symptom Y requiring a pill for it - I won't do it.

Do you believe that your recurrent infections are antibiotic deficiency?
Are you taking a purple pill for heartburn and indigestion?
Think that pain is caused by Tylenol or Advil deficiency?
Are you being told you have high cholesterol?
Taking high Blood pressure medicines?
Sleepless in Seattle - or wherever?
Hot-flashes burning you up?
Hormones all haywire? 

Have you ever considered talking to your chiropractor about these issues? Let me make it perfectly clear: chiropractors do not treat any of these conditions! However, these conditions are affected by chiropractic care and and can be also be addressed with whole food nutritional supplementation. Ask your doc at your next visit. Your chiropractor has a wealth of information - if you care to know and know to ask. If you don't have one, consult one. You've got nothing to loose but your pesky symptoms.
If your spinal cord / nerves are the water supply to the garden that is your body - deosn't it make sense to step off the hose and allow your garden to get what it needs? 

Think about it.

Dr. Marie

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Its confirmed! I'm a mental patient!

I am happy to report that I've been diagnosed with a mental disorder. I have orthorexia nervosa. - I am fixated on healthy eating. In the near future I predict a new drug on the market - something named Eaditol or the like, containing Aspartame so I'll crave my medicine, and I'll probably have to wear a med-alert bracelet that enables anyone to tackle me when I reach for anything green. :) 

All this in an effort to prevent malnutrition...

I have said for a while now that crazy new diseases and conditions would be created, but this one didn't even cross my mind. And apparently, orthorexia nervosa was coined a while back and this article was written almost a year ago.

The purpose behind this is, of course, monetary gain. Creating a drug first, testing it on some ignorant, poor sap who is willing to get paid to be a living laboratory, and then figuring out the effect on the body and selling the new drug for that purpose.

When the statins for cholesterol were developed, mainstream America was not a market for them. Now, virtually everyone is, even young children. Just think about that! While I believe our bodies are evolving - just watch some footage of the Olympic performances several decades ago and today - I don't think it is in a manner that we're requiring more and more chemicals to survive. Think about it.

Dr. Marie

Monday, June 28, 2010

We gotta read the labels... ALL labels

As I opened a new jar of jam for this morning's breakfast I was able to read the label's "ingredients" list - quite possibly because I had my reading glasses handy. Yes - I am having a hard time reading the fine print of labels. My vainness completely attributes this to my laser eye correction which cost me my close up vision - not at all to the fact that certain eye muscles are feeling the effect of time.
But that's another blog.

Back to the labels on our foods. I am an avid label reader. Dorky? Yes, absolutely. Smart? That, too. If you read labels, you know why.  For one, there is stuff in our foods that is really not meant for human consumption! Rule of thumb is - if you can't pronounce it - don't eat it. I like that.
This morning's surprise was a simple read: HFCS - High Fructose Corn Syrup. I expected sugar - no  better than HFCS in terms of health-effects - but less likely to cause allergic issues to someone who is allergic to corn. (Corn is one of the top 4 foods that people are allergic to!)

A while back I saw a new kind of cheese at the store. Extending my arm all the way I gathered that it wasn't a processed cheese - from the length of the list of ingredients. Bought it. Looked at it more closely at home. And was shocked - yes, shocked - when i read the name of an antibiotic on the list. In my cheese!

The last example I would like to bring up here are artificial sweeteners. Are you aware of the fact that virtually all regular chewing gums, bubble gums contain Aspartame or Splenda, not just the sugar free kinds? The last kind to succumb just recently was Big Red. And kids' liquid medicines... Aspartame. A neurotoxin in kids' products... shameful!

So I hope this is enough encouragement to read labels and then make informed choices about what you put into your body. Cause it does matter. Stay tuned for more. I'll be adding links and  references soon.

Dr. Marie

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why am I here?

Why am I here? Why are YOU here? Well, since can only answer the first question, I hope that very quickly it becomes very clear to you why you are here and the question that is raised instead is "Why aren't your friends and family here?"

So to to go about answering the why I am here...
I have 25 years experience in the health field. Quite a long time to see and learn - and realize things. About 11 years I spent as an RN in the traditional, western medicine world. There, I never quite found what I was looking for. I went from Neonatal ICU to Home Care. I never found health care in this world, only "sick care".

After a low back injury that left me unable to sit, stand, or sleep, I was introduced to Chiropractic Care, with its gentle principles of restoring health from the inside out - not the other way around. Finally, I found HEALTH care! I was hooked.... It made so much sense! I became a DC. A Doctor of Cause. And since a doctor is also a teacher, I teach my patients every day about ways they can improve their health.

And now here I am to introduce you to some of what I've learned... things YOU can do to take charge of your health. Contrary to mainstream belief, your health is YOUR choice. And what I'm seeing are people who are not aware of that. People are getting sicker and sicker believing that health comes by way of prescriptions and surgeries - putting chemicals in and cutting tissues open. I'm happy to say, there are other options. That's why I'm here. To tell you about your options for health.

So if you want more than crappy health  - or crap for health :) - follow this blog, and learn ways to take charge your your health. I dare you!

Dr. Marie