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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Its confirmed! I'm a mental patient!

I am happy to report that I've been diagnosed with a mental disorder. I have orthorexia nervosa. - I am fixated on healthy eating. In the near future I predict a new drug on the market - something named Eaditol or the like, containing Aspartame so I'll crave my medicine, and I'll probably have to wear a med-alert bracelet that enables anyone to tackle me when I reach for anything green. :) 

All this in an effort to prevent malnutrition...

I have said for a while now that crazy new diseases and conditions would be created, but this one didn't even cross my mind. And apparently, orthorexia nervosa was coined a while back and this article was written almost a year ago.

The purpose behind this is, of course, monetary gain. Creating a drug first, testing it on some ignorant, poor sap who is willing to get paid to be a living laboratory, and then figuring out the effect on the body and selling the new drug for that purpose.

When the statins for cholesterol were developed, mainstream America was not a market for them. Now, virtually everyone is, even young children. Just think about that! While I believe our bodies are evolving - just watch some footage of the Olympic performances several decades ago and today - I don't think it is in a manner that we're requiring more and more chemicals to survive. Think about it.

Dr. Marie

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  1. Eek..... she says as she swallows her supplements......