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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why am I here?

Why am I here? Why are YOU here? Well, since can only answer the first question, I hope that very quickly it becomes very clear to you why you are here and the question that is raised instead is "Why aren't your friends and family here?"

So to to go about answering the why I am here...
I have 25 years experience in the health field. Quite a long time to see and learn - and realize things. About 11 years I spent as an RN in the traditional, western medicine world. There, I never quite found what I was looking for. I went from Neonatal ICU to Home Care. I never found health care in this world, only "sick care".

After a low back injury that left me unable to sit, stand, or sleep, I was introduced to Chiropractic Care, with its gentle principles of restoring health from the inside out - not the other way around. Finally, I found HEALTH care! I was hooked.... It made so much sense! I became a DC. A Doctor of Cause. And since a doctor is also a teacher, I teach my patients every day about ways they can improve their health.

And now here I am to introduce you to some of what I've learned... things YOU can do to take charge of your health. Contrary to mainstream belief, your health is YOUR choice. And what I'm seeing are people who are not aware of that. People are getting sicker and sicker believing that health comes by way of prescriptions and surgeries - putting chemicals in and cutting tissues open. I'm happy to say, there are other options. That's why I'm here. To tell you about your options for health.

So if you want more than crappy health  - or crap for health :) - follow this blog, and learn ways to take charge your your health. I dare you!

Dr. Marie

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  1. I'm looking forward to reading this blog !!!!